Amanda E Gross


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Based in Beacon, New York, I make acrylic paintings, pastel/charcoal drawings, embroideries, cards, and fine art prints. A bright and accessible visual language (hand-lettering, figures, landscapes) is employed to express deep reverence for wild plants, animals, and emotional authenticity, and a playful irreverence for arbitrary social mores. Everything is created in-studio, including fine art printing and frame fabrication. Re-purposed materials (ceramic tiles, paper, fabric, industrial palette wood) are used whenever possible.

Originally from Mundelein, Illinois, I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). When not making art, I pet cats, brew kombucha, go on adventurous walks and hikes, teach art to kids and adults, and enjoy the cultural abundance of the Hudson Valley. 


In the beginning, each art piece is a spiritual exercise. I want the bright and positive muse/archetypal jokester/universal energy to flow through me; to loosen up, I burn incense, listen to music, dance or drum. Although self-doubt is there EVERY DAY, one must push through it and to get to Flow, when creation becomes a joyous task (ie. mixing colors, feeling the movements of the piece, seeing interesting forms evolving, and intuiting the next steps, following a pixie through a meadow). One must have an idea as motivation upon starting a piece, but ultimately it’s the process and materials that guide it.


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