Instructional Design

Joining forces with trusted subject matter experts, I craft materials that effectively train employees and enlighten customers. My experience includes a very enjoyable 3 three years as a full-time Instructional Designer for Sysmex America, Inc. (both onsite and remote). Previously, I was an Instructional Designer for university courses in all subjects as a temporary, full-time remote Instructional Designer with Kaplan Higher Education and simultaneously wrote marketing copy as a Freelance Educational Copywriter for Corwin Press / SAGE Publications and facilitated asynchronous discussions as an online Instructor with Academy of Art University’s School of Art Education.

I can adapt to your company’s standard project management protocols, or use the ADDIE model:

  1. ANALYZE: Perform a needs analysis, including the desired scope of content, learning objectives, audience, and team members involved. Determine a timeline. Gather existing source materials, and get subject matter expert feedback on existing content. Determine deliverables.

  2. DESIGN: Subject matter expert(s) determine final content, and conduct testing, if applicable. Determine assets needed (e.g. images, graphic design, video scripts, printout)

  3. DEVELOP: Create and/or receive assets. Begin reviewing process with stakeholders, so that training material is approved by all.

  4. IMPLEMENT + EVALUATE: Ensure that final materials and any process documentation is sent to the appropriate team member(s) (e.g. training supervisor, instructors, etc.). Test all “live”/published material, and verify that it’s trackable and accessible.


Project examples > interactive e-Learning modules:

At right: Page from an e-Learning module for a Kaplan Higher Education course for teachers

Below: Pages from an e-Learning module for Sysmex America, Inc. for hematology lab technologists. Most of the simple-to-use and visually engaging interactive e-Learning modules that I designed and developed for Sysmex included:

  • Video

  • Audio narration (I can edit audio created by a team, or record and edit my own)

  • Copy writing and/or editing for clarification

  • Graphic and layout design (using design best practices, that conform to the branding style guide)

  • Knowledge evaluations (check for understanding)


Below: Examples of three e-Learning modules on hematology for Sales team employees; I adapted the company branding so that the levels of information (basic, intermediate, advanced) are differentiated by color.


Project example > printed booklet

At right: Example of a cover and internal page for printable guides on the maintenance and use of a Sysmex hematology analyzer, which averaged 20-30 pages each.


Project examples > exhibit signage

At right: Two of many graphic design assignments with The Children’s Creativity Museum. At left are instructions for an activity in the Studio area; at right is a game card for the Mystery Box area.


Project examples > educational comics

At right: Two of many educational comics for Kaplan Higher Education: